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Your visual management, anywhere, anytime 

Ubikey is a visual management software that allows you to manage your teams efficiently and easily.


They chose Ubikey to digitize their visual management

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Improve collaboration between your teams, face-to-face or remotely

Remote work

Ubikey allows your teams spread over several sites or working remotely to share the content of your visual management in real time.


Improve traceability

Thanks to its archiving system and secure data storage, you will keep the memory of everything that has been done previously, thus allowing traceability and capitalization.

Reduce your trips

By working on a touch screen, on your computer or on your telephone, you contribute to visual management when you want, where you want.

Simplify the transmission of information

Do you want to escalate an issue or simply share information with another team? With one click on Ubikey, the information is transmitted.

Our use cases

Digital visual management in the management of a factory

Thales has deployed around twenty touch screens spread over the 3 production sites of Cholet, Brive and Laval and has chosen Ubikey as support for the SIMs. Find out how digital has simplified visual management practices within these factories.

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Digital visual management in the management of a construction site

Bouygues Bâtiment International has chosen Ubikey to manage its construction sites in Singapore. Find out how digital visual management has enabled them to remotely coordinate logistics in their factories and construction sites.


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Alexandre Dubois, Digital transformation engineer and 4.0 project manager at Thales

In a logic of seeking sustainability and competitiveness, our group has been striving to implement a Lean approach since 2010. The dissemination of this corporate culture, which involves the development of employees, is based on a large number tools, 5S, SIM, Visual Management, etc. Recent events, as well as our move towards more digital tools in our factories, have prompted us to experiment with digital visual management. The teams therefore tested and adopted the UBIKEY collaborative tool to create Short Interval Animations for all production lines, but also support services.This tool is already used daily by more than 400 users on our 3 production sites and could well be extended soon.

portrait aurélien mensa

Aurélien Mensa, Project Project Manager at Bouygues Bâtiment International

We were attached to the principles of LEAN in general, but implementing visual management on the sites we carried out in Singapore proved difficult. Our 2 prefabricated element manufacturing plants had to supply the construction site but, because of the COVID pandemic and the closing of the borders, we had to work remotely. We used the Ubikey touchscreen software for daily production monitoring in the factories, but also to coordinate the factories and construction sites remotely on the logistical aspects.It helped us to make factory production more reliable, to gain in efficiency and to improve communication between all these remote teams.

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