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Digital visual management in the management of a factory

Thales has deployed around twenty touch screens spread over the 3 production sites of Cholet, Brive and Laval and has chosen Ubikey as support for the AICs. Discover how digital has simplified visual management practices within these factories.  


SIM (Short Interval Management)

Practiced daily, SIM is a tool that allows each team to monitor its activity and performance in real time, to clarify whether the situation is OK/NOK, by being focused on the main issues defined by its Top management.

Operational center of the activity, the paper SIM involves many trips and does not facilitate traceability, the escalation of subjects and the monitoring of tasks.

With Ubikey, SIM is accessible everywhere and all the time

Homme travaillant sur ordinateur portable

In a place dedicated to SIM on a touch screen

At your desk or working remotely on your computer

On the production line from a smartphone or tablet

It keeps your teams involved and its use is very intuitive. 

You can interact in real time or in deferred time (preparation, consultation)

Perfect for reporting anomalies instantly.

A unique digital solution for the 3 objectives of SIM


Plan your activity

Use the macro-plan template for long-term planning. 


Use customizable tables and templates for short-term planning



Follow performance indicators

Build your KPIs using a dedicated tool.


Integrate your other tools with Ubikey to report your KPIs automatically


Create a clone of your post-it and send it in 1 click to another project

Send tickets directly from the production line to a smartphone or tablet

An individual dashboard allows you to find all your actions across all projects

The archiving system allows you to easily find all the work previously carried out

Do some problem solving


Spectacular gains 

Save 1h/day for all support functions

For support functions, reduce the number of round trips between production lines, their workstation and places dedicated to visual management. You also reduce journeys between production sites. Ubikey gives you access to telework.

Improve traceability and capitalization

Thanks to its archiving and tag system, Ubikey keeps track of what has been done previously. This traceability allows you to consider capitalization, especially on problem solving activities.

Standardize your visual management

Thanks to its system of projects and customizable templates, Ubikey allows you to completely standardize the visual management of your teams. This will allow you to more easily deploy new tools and standardize your methods for greater readability and efficiency.

Process your actions faster

Because it was forgotten or because it got lost between different hierarchical levels, an action often takes several days to be processed. Each Ubikey user has access to all of their actions from their workstation, ideal for avoiding oversights.

Find out how Ubikey can revolutionize your visual management

Other use cases



The LPS (Last Planner System) is the operational center of the site, in its paper form, it involves many trips and strongly constrains the traceability and monitoring of tasks. With Ubikey, planning is accessible everywhere and all the time.


IT teams

Discover how Ubikey improves the management of priorities and deadlines, the speed of development and the organization of IT teams by digitizing visual management.

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