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The LPS (Last Planner System)

The LPS (Last Planner System) is a production planning and control system in which the last planner (Last Planner) corresponds to the person who carries out the work at a given stage.

Operational center of the site, the paper LPS involves many trips and does not facilitate the traceability and monitoring of tasks.

With Ubikey, planning is accessible everywhere and all the time

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Travailler sur un ordinateur portable
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In the construction hut on a touch screen

At his desk or working remotely on his computer

Directly on site from a smartphone or tablet

It keeps your teams involved and its use is very intuitive. 

You can interact in real time or in deferred time (preparation, consultation)

Perfect for reporting anomalies instantly.

portrait Kadhafi SACI

Kadhafi SACI, Works Director, VINCI Construction France

  We are using Ubikey to manage the extension of Line 11 of the Paris metro.


We opted for a dematerialized solution because we work simultaneously on 4 separate sites of more than one kilometer each.


And this project involves more than 70 subcontractors. Our LPS is built on 3 levels.


For the moment, the first 2 levels are entirely produced on Ubikey, generally remotely, but we also plan to use it for the third level on Adok touchscreen projectors, face-to-face this time. Ubikey was very easy to learn. It allows us to really collaborate around the planning of the site while reducing our environmental impact (zero paper, less travel).


Aurélien Mensa, Project Manager at Bouygues Bâtiment International

We were attached to the principles of LEAN in general, but implementing visual management on the sites we carried out in Singapore proved difficult.

Our 2 prefabricated element manufacturing plants had to supply the construction site but, because of the COVID pandemic and the closing of the borders, the piloting had to be carried out remotely.

We used the Ubikey touchscreen software for daily production monitoring in the factories, but also to coordinate the factories and construction sites remotely on the logistical aspects.

It helped us to make factory production more reliable, to gain in efficiency and to improve communication between all these remote teams.

A digital solution for LPS

Master Planning 

Your individual planning tool is integrated directly into Ubikey. It provides an overview of the project.

capture écran logiciel ubikey planning de chantier
capture écran logiciel ubikey plannification collaborative

Collaborative planning

Ubikey's macro-plan tool allows you to carry out this planning in a collaborative way

Anticipation planning

Ubikey's table tool allows you to highlight the constraints and conditions necessary for the execution of your tasks planned for the next few weeks.

Le système d’archivage vous permet de retrouver simplement tout le travail précédemment effectué

capture écran logiciel ubikey planning d'anticipation
capture écran logiciel ubikey pilotage hebdomadaire

The weekly pilot

Ubikey allows you to position the next tasks directly on the site plan. And to follow them individually thanks to his personal dashboard.

Gap analysis

You have a dedicated tool to build your KPIs, another to upload them automatically from an existing platform.

You have access to a dozen tables dedicated to collaborative problem solving and continuous improvement.

capture écran logiciel ubikey LPS
capture écran logiciel ubikey archives

Learning analysis

You have an archiving system with intelligent research for traceability, even capitalization.

Spectacular gains 

Save 1h/day 

For the site manager, reduce the number of round trips between the site hut, his workstation and the construction site. Ubikey also allows you to access teleworking.

Improve traceability and capitalization

Thanks to its archiving and tag system, Ubikey keeps track of what has been done previously. This traceability makes it possible to consider capitalization, in particular on problem-solving activities.

Standardize your visual management

Thanks to its system of projects and customizable templates, Ubikey allows you to completely standardize the visual management of your teams. This will allow you to more easily deploy new tools and standardize your methods for greater readability and efficiency.

Process your actions faster

Because it was forgotten or because it got lost between different interlocutors, an action often takes several days to be processed. Each Ubikey user has access to all of their actions from their workstation, ideal for avoiding oversights.

Find out how Ubikey can revolutionize your visual management

Other use cases

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True operational center of the activity, the paper AIC implies many displacements and does not facilitate the traceability, the escalation of the subjects and the follow-up of the tasks. With Ubikey, AIC is accessible everywhere, all the time.

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Other use cases

Find out how Ubikey allows you to align yourself with a common goal, monitor daily activity and continuously improve in project management, team management, management and leadership of agile IT product teams etc... 

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